News / 12.07.2021

Incentive for Forces Personnel

Free vocational training through the NASC's Armed Forces Training Fund

Ex-forces personnel now have another great reason to take up a career in scaffolding - free training through the NASC's Armed Forces Training Fund.

This £150,000 pot is dedicated to the training and upskilling of former Armed Forces personnel. Former servicemen can receive the full cost of becoming a qualified scaffolder – undertaking the CISRS Scaffolder training scheme – COTS, Part1, Part2, VQ2 and Skills tests.

Alternatively, they can receive up to £1,000 towards non-operative training. This can cover the cost or partial cost of one course or several shorter duration courses and can be used in full on one individual or smaller payments on several individuals.

Eligible candidates can either be in the process of leaving the Armed Forces or could have left in the past five years.

To gain the funding, all ex-Forces personnel need to do is take up a position at an NASC Contractor member company. To find a member in your area, visit the NASC website here and click the Find a Member box at the top of the page.

Did You Know

There are dozens of vacancies at NASC Contractor member companies.

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