News / 07.06.21

Scaffolding Industry Opportunities Promoted

NASC members take part in Meet the Gateway webinar

NASC members gave JobCentre Plus (JCP) employment professionals across the UK an insight into scaffolding industry career opportunities during a Meet the Kickstart Gateway webinar.

Wayne Connolly, of Connolly Scaffolding, and Steve Fellows, of Malvern Scaffolding, both spoke with passion and enthusiasm about the benefits of taking up a career in scaffolding – from earnings potential, career progression, variety of roles available and variety of work.

More than 20 JCP professionals took part in the webinar and are now better able to place suitable candidates with Kickstart Scheme job placements offered by NASC members through the NASC Gateway. Currently, more than 430 placements are available.

Anne Pavey, Senior National Account Manager at the Department of Work & Pensions, who organised the webinar, said: “We’d like to thank the NASC for co-hosting a very engaging and informative session for JCP local staff, highlighting the fantastic opportunities in the scaffolding sector.

“Hearing first-hand the enthusiasm and commitment of NASC members to supporting Kickstart was amazing. The opportunity to work with JCP on other initiatives was really welcomed too.”

Henry Annafi, NASC Training Officer, who also spoke during the webinar, added: “This session was another important step in our Kickstart Scheme journey. NASC members have seized the opportunity presented to them by pledging to take on more than 430 candidates on six-month work placements.

“Now we’re focused on filling these vacancies. It was clear from the feedback given by the JCP employees that attended the webinar that they now have a better understanding of the roles on offer and the types of jobseekers that would suit a scaffolding industry placement.

“I’d like to thank Wayne and Steve for giving up their time to speak to the delegates and bring such fantastic spokesman for out Gateway. We’re all extremely hopeful that this session will lead to dozens of NASC Kickstart Gateway positions being filled in the coming weeks.”

Did you know

Scaffolding industry careers are skilled, with clear training and progression pathways.

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