News / 29.03.21

Skill Academy Addressing Skills Gap

Skill Scaffolding Ltd has established a three-step training programme to help young new recruits progress from school leavers to fully-trained scaffolding operatives.

The Skill Academy sees employees start with the basics before moving on to working on site and then completing formal training.

Lee Marshall, Head of Health and Safety at Skill Scaffolding, said: “Over the last few years, we have seen a drop in the number of the younger generation coming into the trade, so last year we decided to start our Skill Academy.

“The trade is facing a huge skills gap so putting the support in place to help the future generations learn the correct way of doing things is the best way to ensure our clients keep getting the top-quality service they deserve.

“Finding a career in scaffolding is not something that usually comes naturally to the younger generations, they are actively encouraged to follow many different career paths at school and college, but scaffolding is rarely one of them. We can clearly see that it is vital that this changes, and we want to be involved in making that happen.

“We recently conducted interviews with people looking to join the Class of 2021 in the Skill Academy, with the candidates sourced via the Government’s Kickstart Scheme and the NASC Gateway. We had two successful applicants start as a result.

“One of the best interviewees was Tia who really impressed us with her positive attitude, her want to be hands on, and her willingness to give it a go.”


Skill Academy Level 1

The first level is learning the basics, spending some time in our yard learning about the PPE and the correct ways to use/wear it, learning about the dangers of working on a constantly moving and changing site and being aware of their own surroundings, and learning about all the components used in Scaffolding.  As well as this, they will be taught the basics of Health and Safety to prepare them for taking their HS&E Touchscreen Test, and COTS course.


Skill Academy Level 2

Once level 1 is successfully complete and we are comfortable that they will be safe, the learners will begin level 2, their training out on site. Under the watchful eye of our competent fully trained scaffolders who will become their mentors, they can learn the more practical side and get used to carrying the weight of the materials.


Skill Academy Level 3

Once competent, we will book the learner on their first CISRS scaffolding course, they will work their way through the courses with us supporting them all the way. At the end of their time in our Academy they will be a fully trained scaffolder and be looking to progress through the ranks here at Skill.


Did you know

There's more to the scaffolding industry than erecting and dismantling scaffolding. There are dozen of careers to choose from!

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