Transport Manager

Role: In this role you will manage the vehicles, repairing and servicing of the company fleet. May be required to coordinate with or assume the role of logistics manager. In some companies there may be a Transport Director who will assume additional strategic and managerial decisions in addition to those described below.


  • Supervising Transport Assistant and any other staff;
  • Ordering of vehicle parts/spares and maintaining workshop stock and equipment; Checking and passing invoices;
  • Repairing and servicing of HGV’s and trailers;
  • Arranging servicing schedule for office vehicles for the Group and liaising with outside repairers.
  • Checking and filing of driver defects and action if necessary.
  • Hiring of all company vehicles.
  • Dealing with additions and removals of fleet motor insurance.
  • Monitoring use, repairs, servicing and condition of fork lift trucks in all yards and liaising with appropriate yard managers on findings.

Key skills: Organisation skills, good communicator, hard working.

Application process: Apply directly to the company or through other traditional channels such as recruitment agencies (particularly specialist construction agencies), Jobcentre Plus, the National Careers Service, Job Boards (e.g. Indeed) or via advertisements in newspapers.