Collaboration will ensure success

The NASC works hard to raise the profile of the scaffolding industry and is collaborating with an extremely broad spectrum of partners and stakeholders to facilitate this.

Schools, colleges and other educational establishments have worked closely with the NASC to deliver meaningful, curriculum-focused activities and interventions. Multiple NASC members continue to offer their time and resources to create interactive resources that engage the widest possible audience.

Stakeholders such as CITB, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Defence are also working in close concert with the NASC to develop a variety of access points and bespoke provisions to attract a new generation of entrants to the sector.

This page has a comprehensive list of the key stakeholders and partners supportive of the NASC’s ambition to raise the profile of the industry and introduce a new generation of operatives. Whether you’re interested in blue or white-collar roles, this page will help you to navigate the sometimes confusing world of construction and lead you to the options most appropriate for you.

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